Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wrestling Obscurity: Mordecai

I bought my wife the WWE encyclopedia 2nd edition for her birthday. But of course I look through it too. I was flipping the pages and I came across a character that I've been trying to remember for YEARS. Mordecai; also known as Kevin Thorn. Mordecai looked like he stepped right out of a comic book. Even the name sounds like a comic book character. I believe he was on a crusade to rid the world of sin/sinners. Mordecai had a very short run from April 2004 to July 2004. 3 months. I'm not sure why they dropped the character so fast, but they did. Not to worry; Kevin would return as Kevin Thorn the vampire in ECW. A wrestling vampire...not as bad as a wrestling dentist, but not great. But it did last longer than Mordecai.

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