Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wrestlemania 31 predictions

 Wrestlemania is almost upon us. There are many rumors and questions about this event. Who will win? Who will retain? Will there be surprise? But you know what I want to know? Will the matches be great? Will this be a memorable WM? Only time will tell.
I'm not sure but I think Snoop Dogg is supposed to perform. Normally I'd say that is bad, but I like Snoop, so I'll let it go. However that doesn't mean he gets 20 to 30 minutes. Perform 1-2 songs and no more.
Anyway, onto the predictions:

Cesaro/Kidd def. Usos et. al
John Cena def. Rusev
D. Bryan def. Barett et. al
Miz or Mizdow win Andre Giant Memorial Battle Royal
AJ/Paige def. Bellas
Bray Wyatt def. The Undertaker
Seth Rollins def. Randy Orton
Sting def. HHH
Brock Lesnar def. Roman Reigns.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

WWE Fastlane 2015 preview/predictions

We are on the fast lane to WM. Huh? See what I did there? Haha....yea....So here we are, weeks away from WM 31 and we have a PPV between Royal Rumble and WM. Which begs a question, is this PPV necessary? I would say no, and I would be right. For one little thing. The WWE Universe wants D. Bryan to be champion again. The people have spoken!! And this PPV may give the people what they want. Other than that, what else is there? John Cena becomes US Champ? No. Paige becomes Diva champion again? Probably not. This PPV is just set up for the main event matches at WM. I would highly doubt that any titles change hands tonight, we'll see. Look at me ranting. Sorry about that. On to the predictions.

Usos def Tyson/Ceserao
Nikki def Paige
Barrett def Ambrose
Bray Wyatt calls out Undertaker
Triple H challenges Sting for a match at WM
Rusev def John Cena or Cena wins via DQ
Team Ziggler def The Authority with assist from Randy Orton
Stardust def Goldust
A draw or double DQ between Roman and D. Bryan

Sunday, January 25, 2015

WWE 2015 Royal Rumble predictions

Big news on twitter and The Rock is in Philly. And so is the 2015 Royal Rumble. Coincidence? I would hope so, but more than likely not a coincidence. Does that mean that  Rock will be in the Rumble? And if he is, would he win the Rumble....?!!? Ugh. That would be awful. Just awful. Who would want that? I hope that won't happen.
Let's not think about that. Let's move on to the predictions of the night.

New Day def. Adam Rose/Kidd/Cesaro
Usos def Miz/Mizdow
Ascension def New Age Outlaws
Paige/Natalya def. Bellas
Brock Lesnar def Cena and Rollins
Royal Rumble final 4: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, D. Bryan, Bray Wyatt.
Royal Rumble Winner: D. Bryan.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

NTWA Best moments/matches of 2014

There have been many good/great matches this year in WWE and TNA. It's hard to choose the best match of the year.  I am biased toward Daniel Bryan cause I liked him back in ROH. But I'll try not to let my bias interfere.
The best match in WWE in 2014 to me was, The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family on RAW in March. I think that's the one, they had so many and all of them were pretty damn good. I'm going to miss those two factions going at it.
The best rivalries would have to be either the Wyatts/Sheild or Rollins/Ambrose. Just awesome matches.
The best matches in TNA would have to go to the Wolves, Hardys, and Team 3D. I think we all knew that there would be 4 matches. Cause you're not going to have these 3 teams have 2-3matches and be done with it. No, you make a lot more money if you have 4 matches. And they had 4 great matches. It showed for a quick moment that TNA could be a different product than WWE. Sure it used old WWE stars, but those matches didn't feel like they were coping their older work. It felt like they were trying build ontop of what they had already done years ago and in someways make their legacy a little bit better.

WWE and TNA 2014 year review part 6

I put Bobby Lashely in a Wrestling Obscurity post. I think I've apologized for that, but just in case. Sorry about that cause he isn't obscure anymore. No, he was a bad ass champion. Granted he didn't speak much. That was MVP's job, but he had some really great title defenses. Especially against Bobby Roode. He probably wasn't supposed to be champion. More than likely MVP was gonna be champion, but he got injured. So that saved us from MVP's reign as champion in 2014.

Quick mention of the knockouts division. I do like what they've done with the division. It could be better, but adding Havok to the roster has definitely given the division something it hasn't had in awhile and that is a woman who seems to be unbeatable.  The quality of the matches can be hit or miss, but as long as Gail Kim is around there is hope.

What was the worst part of TNA in 2014? Well, there are probably some matches, or storylines that were bad, but honestly I have to go outside the ring for the worst thing TNA did in 2014. That would be losing big talent and their spot on Spike TV. I know that it's not the late 1990s, but it can be devastating to the company to lose a TV spot. Thankfully they have found a new home and we'll have to wait and see how the ratings will be. But I think they should think about getting episodes on the internet. Netflix, Hulu, youtube or whatever.  And also they need some good young talent and try to push them as much as possible.

Best thing TNA did all year? Hmmm that's difficult to say. There have been some good matches.
I think the matches with the Hardys, Wolves, and Team 3D were probably the best one's they had all year.  Hopefully in 2015 they will stop coping WWE and be something different.

WWE and TNA 2014 year review part 5

From one company to another. Let's look at TNA. The start of the year, TNA had big names leave; AJ Styles, C. Daniels and Kazarian. That's not a good way to start the year but they pressed on and made Magnus champion. Some would say paper champion. But he did and was the face of the company for a little while. Of course he had his allegiance to Dixie Carter. Who was trying so hard to be the heel owner of a company. But people did boo her...loudly so I guess it worked...?
Now with big names leaving the company. You've got to get "new blood" in the company. So enters MVP and the wolves. I liked MVP coming to TNA at first but he changed from face to heel way too fast for my taste. Because Dixie was still around and she's still heel. So you have 2 heel owners? That's confusing. Who do I cheer for and who do I boo? I can't boo both of them at the same time, can I? I guess it doesn't matter. Cause now Bully Ray is face and he want's to put Dixie through a table. Ok. So you'll do that next week, next month. Nope they dragged that out as long as possible and I mean DRAGGED.  It went on forever. To the point I didn't think that it was actually gonna happen. But it did. Thankfully.

Let's move on to the champions of the year. First I think that TNA was trying to do something different in early part of 2014. That's why they had champions like Magnus and Eric Young. Both didn't "fit" the mold of a champion but they let them have the belts anyway.  Magnus is an ok wrestler but I think he had trouble connecting to an american audience. British audience he connects very well, for obvious reasons.

Eric Young, has been in TNA for a while. And I know that there are similarities between him and D. Bryan. But really there aren't enough to say that TNA was copying WWE by having EY be champion. They both have beards, but EY isn't using that to get over or have a signature look. Hell he had the beard when DB was "dating" AJ Lee.  I think EY was champion, because everyone likes EY and thinks he should be champion. That's it. I was surprised that they made him champion for as long as they did but it wasn't bad and he had some good matches.

WWE and TNA 2014 year review part 4

I'm going to finish with WWE so I can move on to TNA, but let's talk about the worst thing WWE has done. In my opinion the worst thing that WWE did in 2014 doesn't have to do with titles, hirings or firings. No. It has to do with the Bella twins. Now it was great when Brie slapped Steph. It was great and they had some "twist" were D. Bryan was cheating on Brie with his physical therapist. That wasn't so great. No sorry. That was horrible and of course it didn't get resolved. Other than one sentence on a RAW episode about how the physical therapist lied. Or Steph paid her to lie. Which ever. And if that wasn't bad enough. We had Nikki turn on Brie at SummerSlam. Why? Because Brie stole Nikki's boyfriends in highschool....?  Really? Is that all you've got? No? You took your family problems to Jerry Springer...? Oh good Lord.  And now Brie and Nikki are BFFs again. Ugh. And I thought TNA writing was bad.

Overall WWE this has been slightly below average. There have been some great matches, rivalries, and moments, but as a whole product. It hasn't been very good.  They have done their best and it showed at times, but there were other times. It seemed lazy. And I mean that from a writing stand point. It can be better, I've seen it. But it could be worse, I've seen that too. We can only hope that it'll be better in 2015 cause that's what's best for business. (See what I did there?)